Watch This Gay Valedictorian Give His Banned Graduation Speech


Police in Britain have pledged to treat rape and sexual assault cases as seriously as national security after a report found that rape victims weren’t getting the help they needed from police and prosecutors. The Metropolitan Police have made some fairly public and serious errors in rape investigations recently, and with rape and sexual assault reporting increasing, there’s concern that the errors will only become larger with the workload. Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said, on the subject: “We have to give the same priority to sex offence investigations as we do to counter-terrorism.” [The Guardian]



In Turkey, violence committed against women by family members is often swept under the rug and perceived as commonplace, as the lack of media attention given to breakout TV star Mutlu Kaya has shown. She was shot in the head by her boyfriend after having previously reported him to the police, to no effect. Stranger violence is much more widely-followed, but violence in the family is “treated as a family matter.” [NPR]



Here’s a question: If God has no gender, why have we been falling on male pronouns to describe it? Here’s a look at the history of referring to God as both male and female, both in gnostic practices and in contemporary feminist discourse. [BBC]



Evan Young was outed to his parents by his high school after he submitted a valedictorian speech that included coming out to his class and his principal rejected it, refused to acknowledge him as class valedictorian, and claimed that Young had “bad character.” Thankfully, his parents are supportive, and advocacy group Out Boulder gave him a separate graduation ceremony, where he got to wear a cape and give his very funny speech. Go Evan! [RawStory]