Now You Can Buy The House So Haunted That Its Ghosts Turned Up On Google Street View

This beautiful Queen Anne house in Camden, New York can be your new home – if you’re willing to put up with a few paranormal roommates. Also called the W.H. Dorrance House, it’s been on the market since 2010 at the suspiciously low price of $105,000. Soon after it was listed on historic house website Old House Dreams, the internet took to Google’s Street View image of the house and spotted a potential clue as to why

This House Is So Haunted That Its Ghosts Showed Up On Google Street View – And You Can Buy It!
This House Is So Haunted That Its Ghosts Showed Up On Google Street View – And You Can Buy It!

THERE ARE CREEPY HANDPRINTS IN THE WINDOWS! Surely this means the house is probably haunted as fuck.

The home has a murky past:

Despite the rare home earning its place on the National Register of Historic Places, the 3 bedroom house has been uninhabited and neglected for nearly half a decade now. Built sometime in the 1880s by a former clergyman turned wealthy hardware business owner, William H. Dorrance, the house complete with a tower roof, gorgeous stained and hardwood floors, fell into foreclosure recently after failing to sell at $169,000. It’s last owners bought the house several years back for $234,000 but mysteriously left almost as soon as they bought it, leaving the house in its current state today.

What drove the last owners to leave so quickly? Is anyone else having “Poltergeist” flashbacks? The listing is full of read-between-the-lines clues as to what awaits future owners:

“This historical stunning home is more than rare!” (BECAUSE GHOSTS LIVE IN IT) “Beautiful covered porch welcomes you as you take a step back in time!” (TO THE GHOSTS’ GRUESOME FORMER LIVES) “Open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining guests.” (AND GHOSTS) “Large walk up attic provides ample room for storage.” (AND FOR THE PITTER PATTER OF HAUNTED FOOTSTEPS AT NIGHT) “Possible second apartment that could be rented out for extra income.” (BUT ONLY IF THE GHOSTS LET YOU SHARE THEIR SPACE) “Unlimited opportunities!” (FOR TERROR)

Clearly a hidden message disguised in the form of a perfectly ordinary home listing. Clearly. The interior is stunning but it’s giving me major “American Horror Story” vibes. Click through the gallery above for more pics.

It is a gorgeous house, so if you’re a particularly brave soul, take a look at the listing here. As for me, I’ll be staying far, far away.

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