Mariah Carey’s Video “Infinity” Is Basically One Giant Ad For Her Vegas Show

After teasing us with a lyric video, then a video snippet, Our Lady Of The Butterflies And Lambs Mariah Carey has released the full music video for her latest single, “Infinity.” It is essentially sponsored content for the following: Her perfume, her residency in Vegas,, Tyson Beckford’s impeccable body, and the power of Jussie Smollet with facial hair, glasses and a really cute puppy. Watch as she mugs her way through a very clearly-staged set in Vegas and flounces about her giant walk-in closet, pouring champagne, patting on lip gloss and generally, doing her. Her evolution from knockout performer to highly excellent comedienne has been a thrill to watch, and I welcome this new era of Mariah with open arms.