Wacky Homeschooling Mom Will Teach Darwin How To Science

She’s baaaaaaAAAAAaaaaack! Remember Megan Fox, the wacky creationist homeschool mom who got SO MAD at The Field Museum for not saying that dinosaurs were really dragons and whatnot? Well, she is back with a new video, and a new field trip – to the Creation Museum in Kentucky!

Megan had a lot of adventures on her trip, including getting to sit down with Ken Ham’s brother Steve! You know what they talked about? You guessed it! DRAGONS.

Naturally, Megan also performed one of her famous audits of the museum. She likes the Creationist Museum a lot more than The Field Museum, because instead of doling out things like “facts” all of the exhibits just say “We don’t know!” Which is a weird thing for a museum to do, but OK. Megan likes to make up her own facts, so this suits her.

In the audit, Megan goes on a tangent about how if Charles Darwin had simply lived longer, he would have changed his mind about all that evolution stuff.

“I think if he were alive today I don’t think he would be pleased with what his followers are doing. I don’t think he’d agree. You know the cell is more complicated than he thought it was. And if he were any kind of good scientist, he would start over again, look for other explanations because this one doesn’t quite fit.”

She also puts a cartoon dunce hat on him, because why not!

Megan then launches into a tirade about people like us making fun of her, explaining that she is not hurting anyone by having a different opinion on how science works. Which sure, if it was just her, that would be true. The problem is, of course, that there are lots and lots of people like her out there in this country, and they are making it pretty hard to teach actual science in schools. That, of course, is not very helpful as we do kind of need scientists, and coddling people like Megan means that fewer kids are going to get the education they need in order to do that.

[via RawStory]