Ooh Dang, I’m Pretty Sure Taylor Swift Did Not Approve This

So, if you’ve been paying close to attention to your 15-year-old niece and, you know, us, you know that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had beef over some tour bullshit and maybe John Mayer. Then Taylor wrote “Bad Blood” about Katy and got her entire baseball team full of besties to star in the video, with all the members of Taylor’s girl squad prepared to take down this mysterious enemy. It was pop star bullying, honestly.

Anyhoo, I like to think Katy Perry — who I am newly defensive of after finally watching her amazing tour documentary, “Piece of Me” – wasn’t havin’ that and made it her mission to steal away two of Tay’s pound puppies, I mean BFFs,Ellie Goulding and Lorde. Chances are, this photo was more innocently arranged, but it’s kinda interesting that Ellie Goulding originally posted this shot to her Instagram — and then deleted it. [Dlisted]