“Charlie Charlie” Demon-Summoning Pencil Trick Is Actually A Stupid Viral Marketing Scheme

It turns out that thing where teens were using two pencils, a piece of paper and a lot of gumption to summon demons from the undead isn’t actually a “real” thing — it’s a viral marketing stunt, perpetuated by the folks behind some new horror movie called ‘The Gallows.” I know very little this film, except that it is, duh, a horror movie, and this whole “Charlie, Charlie” thing comes into play, as evidenced by this befuddling teaser clip, above.

Teens can’t even do stupid teen shit without getting punk’d by savvy marketers who sit in windowless conference rooms and brainstorm things intended to dupe the unsuspecting American public. What a shame.

Since the very notion of “ghosts” terrifies to my very core, and I am writing this from an empty apartment, alone with nothing other than my thoughts, the clanging of a delivery truck outside and my ineffectual cat, I refuse to watch the trailer to learn more. If you want to, you can watch it here.

[h/t Jezebel]