School Dress Code Refers To Plus-Size Girls In Tight Clothes As ‘Sausage Rolls’

The American education system already makes me angry every day but adding fuel to that fire are the countless slut-shaming and fat-shaming dress code notes that schools are hell-bent on churning out on the reg.

The latest comes from Biglervlle High School in Pennsylvania where a dress code note for graduation urges girls to keep from having “sausage rolls” or rolls of fat, and to choose their outfit appropriately.

The absolute worst line however – and we didn’t think it could get any worse – was “You can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a 5 pound sack.” What in the ever-loving fuck? Who are these monsters handing this out to teenage girls?!

Here is part of the gross note:

The offending note

As if teen girls didn’t stress out about literally everything body related already. I am legit grossed out and full of rage.

Luckily, many students were offended and spoke up about this sexist bullshit.