Quiverfull Jackass Defends Josh Duggar, Says “Abuse Is the New Racism”

In case you were not fully convinced that these goddamned Quiverfull people were all right off their rockers, let us all take note of Rick Boyer — friend of the Duggars and author of a Quiverfull book ominously titled Take Back The Land – who has come to the defense of not only Josh Duggar, but also the creeptastic Bill Gothard (the Quiverfull dude who sexually harassed over 30 women).

In several missives on his Facebook page, Boyer went on and on about how fabulously holy the Duggars and Gothard are, and even stated that he wished he was “half the man” Jim Bob Duggar is. Huh.

Sometimes things are not what they appear at a distance. With all respect to everybody who has an opinion, I will unequivocally say that the Duggars are one of the happiest, holiest, humblest families I have ever met. Yes, I’ve met them. I’ve been in their home. I’ve been in their church. I am proud to call them my friends. Why don’t the critics ask the Duggar kids what they think of their oldest brother? Because they’d say he’s a sinner-which you and I are too, by the way-and he’s repented and he’s proven that he’s changed and they love and respect him. As for Bill Gothard, I am personally acquainted with him and I have a friend very close to that ministry. He was thoroughly investigated and what he was ACTUALLY found to be guilty of was touching some girls’ hands, hair and feet. He was honest enough to admit that these things were inappropriate and resign. But good grief, how does that compare with what most people are guilty of? All this piling on by people who are not in a position to really know, is just exactly what our enemies, human and spiritual, were hoping for. So many Christians are suckers.

Given that women in the Quiverfull lifestyle are told to be continually submissive to men, this guy is probably right. They would probably say that. That doesn’t make it OK. Not in the least. Because in real life, there is a world of difference between molesting children and “Oh, I stole a mascara from CVS one time or had an impure thought.”

I mean, hey! If we’re all “sinners” and that’s totally fine and all sins are equal, then why do we have jails where we lock up child molesters in the first place? Why is anyone in jail? If we’re all “sinners” than what the hell are they doing standing around acting like they’re so holy and LGBT people are going to hell?

As far as Gothard goes? Yeah, sorry, that dude was a creep. A serious creep. This was not simply touching anyone’s hands, hair or feet in some kind of casual way.

I think the thing with these people is that they have such an incredibly fucked up view of sexuality that they don’t see how molesting children or telling your assistants to wear push-up bras and trying to give them foot massages is any more of a sin than kissing before marriage is.

In another post, Boyer wrote:

“Abuse” is the new “racism.” As soon as you’re accused of it, you’re considered guilty. Just what would you like the Duggars to have done? Turn all their kids over to a godless psychologist? Maybe one supplied by the local public school system where “abuse” is so unheard of? Should they have skinned Josh alive, rolled him in salt and hung him on a meathook? They guy sinned, repented, changed, and lived an exemplary life for TWELVE YEARS before a tabloid spent thousands of dollars sending a team to Arkansas to go door to door trying to dig up dirt on this exemplary family. How much would it cost them to find dirt on YOU? Would they have to dig that hard? Do you hear Josh’s sisters railing against him? Not, it’s not the victims howling for scalps, it’s pagans and gullible Christians, eagerly grabbing the bait and shooting their own wounded. Ok, go ahead and follow the crowd. I am taking a stand here and now, and you may quote me anywhere you care to. The Duggars are an exemplary family and I wish I were half the man that Jim Bob Duggar is. I hope I have made myself clear. Let the chips fall where God guides them.

I don’t know that there is any question that Josh Duggar was guilty of abuse, given that he admitted to it. I also think it’s pretty damned easy to figure out when people are being racist, based on their actions and words.

And yes, of course, I think the Duggars should have sent him to a psychologist. I think most people agree that it would have been a good idea — certainly a better one than a stern talking-to from a child porn collector and a couple weeks of physical labor. Who the hell thinks that’s a good way to handle child molestation?

Also, sure, a team of tabloid reporters could go door to door looking for dirt on me! But they wouldn’t find anything like this. In fact, my sister is sitting right next to me, and she informs me that the best “dirt” she has on me is that I went through a phase when I was a kid of only answering to “Shirley” and that she thinks I need an intervention for my nail polish-purchasing habit. Normal stuff! You know what no one would find? Reports of child molestation! That is not a normal thing to do. That is not “dirt,” it is a sex crime.

The victims are very much the issue here, and the fact that they are not speaking out doesn’t mean that what Josh Duggar did isn’t a big deal – it simply means that they have been conditioned to think that it is not. It’s the culture they’re in, and it’s messed up.

The fact that so many people in this culture are rallying to act like what Josh Duggar did is no big deal is, in and of itself, a big fucking deal. The fact that dudes like this think it’s something to brush off is also a big fucking deal. If they think that it should be brushed off when it’s public like this, can you imagine the way they handle it in private? I mean, I guess we can, given the way it was handled with Josh Duggar, but that is really not the way to go. If they think it is, then I think every one of these families needs to be investigated.


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