Nail Salon Workers’ Bill Of Rights Now Mandatory In NYC


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered emergency measures for the conditions of nail salon workers in the state, and is now requiring salons to display a workers’ bill of rights, available in 10 languages, “in clear sight of customers and employees.” The next step is going to be the issuance of consumer cards, letting customers know what questions to ask when they’re choosing a salon. [Jezebel]



A serial rapist in Italy, Dino Maglio, used to lure women to his home and rape them – but at least one of the cases fell through the bureaucratic cracks as authorities in Italy and the UK failed to coordinate for months, despite the victim’s repeated attempts to get justice. Worse, Maglio was a police officer – but he confessed to drugging and raping several women. He’s been sentenced to six and a half years in jail. The case demonstrates how crucial it is for law enforcement agencies in the EU to coordinate. [The Guardian]



Students at Nottingham Trent University in the UK are relaxing from studying for exams by cuddling with piglets. Piglets! The school had a similar program with puppies last year, and raised money for guide dogs. The piglet fundraiser will benefit the same cause and also features a donkey and chickens. [TIME]



Underwear company Play Out has launched an ad campaign in partnership with advocacy group Flat Topper Pride that features models who have had double mastectomies and haven’t elected for breast augmentation. Play Out has previously featured genderqueer models and LGBT themes in their ads, and they’ve used this campaign to give the models space to talk about their lives post-breast cancer. [Daily Dot]

[Image via Jezebel]