It’s Time To Cry: These Students Donated All Their Senior Trip Money For Their Principal’s Cancer Treatment

Seniors at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire have spent the last four years raising almost $8,000 for an end-of-high-school class trip, but when they discovered that their beloved principal had been diagnosed with cancer, they decided on a change of plans. Principal Courtney Vashaw recently learned that she has a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer and made plans to go to New York to receive specialized treatment. After a unanimous vote among the senior class, they asked Vashaw to meet with them under the guise of it being a “class meeting,” then surprised her with the announcement that they wouldn’t be leaving on Sunday for their four-day class trip after all. Class treasurer Ian Baker told WMUR“She’s just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless, too.” (Excuse me while I dry my eyes).

Vashaw has worked at the school for seven years, and this is just the second group of students she’s seen all the way through from first-year middle schoolers to seniors. She will be in the audience at their graduation before she heads out of state for treatment. She told ABC News, “I feel like this has been a beautiful experience as an educator. You work so hard to try and help cultivate not only academically astute young people but kids who care. I am just so impressed and so proud of these kids for being the embodiment of that.” The students were hoping to still take a small-scale local trip after giving up their overnight trip, but a crowdfunding page has been launched to help them raise enough money to have a bigger celebration. There are also more fundraisers around the corner for Vashaw.