Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff Announce Breakup Just 2 Months After “The Bachelor” Finale

Just two months after the finale of “The Bachelor” aired, Chris Soules and his final rose pick, Whitney Bischoff, have ended their engagement. “Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss confirmed the news on Twitter:

“Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules have mutually and amicably decided to end their engagement,” the couple told Us Weekly in a joint statement. “They part with nothing but respect and admiration for one another and will continue to be supportive friends. They wish to thank everyone who has supported them through this journey.”

Rumors about the split have been swirling (in my brain) since before the two even got engaged — I mean, COME ON, didn’t we see this coming from a mile away? The minute “The Bachelor” ended, Chris had signed up for “Dancing with the Stars.” Sure, prior contestants have managed to make it work despite the demanding schedule “DWTS” requires — Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, for example — temporarily moving to Los Angeles and sitting on the sidelines while your beau extends his 15 minutes of fame can’t be great for a new relationship. Plus, Chris and Whitney didn’t really seem to have much chemistry, and then there’s the fact that “going home” after “DWTS” ended meant flying to Soules’ teeny tiny little farming town, because remember, he COULD NOT LEAVE HIS FARM EVER, despite leaving his farm for, like, half a year to be on back-to-back reality shows. In short, this relationship was doomed from the start. Chris and Whitney are both bores and will go on to meet other boring people who make for more compatible boring partners, while tons of gorgeous, unlucky-in-love men and women will continue to sign up to be on “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” somehow convinced that THE JOURNEY WORKS even though it usually doesn’t. [Just Jared]