25 Percent Of Harvard Seniors Never Had Sex During College, And Other Interesting Factoids

The Harvard Crimson published results from its annual survey of Harvard’s graduating class, with some pretty interesting data points, like:

  • 24% of Harvard seniors reported that they never had sex during their student tenure
  • 43% of seniors said they always used a condom but 31% said they rarely or never used condoms (I THOUGHT YOU PEOPLE WERE SMART)
  • 14.4% of Harvard women said they had been sexually assaulted while at the school, and 6.5% said they weren’t sure whether or not they had been sexually assaulted, compared to about 3% of men who reported the same; 55% of seniors said they knew someone who had been sexually assaulted
  • 74% of Black students felt marginalized at Harvard because of their race
  • 67% of students whose families made $80,000 or less felt marginalized because of their socioeconomic status
  • 45% of LGB students felt marginalized because of their sexual orientation
  • 19.5% of Harvard students cheated academically while they were at Harvard (dickheads!)

It’s pretty chock full of interesting factoids about what it’s like to attend maybe the most famous university in America. The bit that’s going viral is the top point, about 24 percent of the responding senior class reporting that they didn’t have sex while they were at Harvard. But is that really that surprising? It’s not exactly a party school.

In fact, the only surprising part to me is the part about condom usage. Seriously, third of Harvard graduates? You don’t use condoms? Did your prep schools not do sex ed or something, or is the incredibly stupid “it just feels better without a condom!” trope popular no matter how high you scored on the SAT? Actually, scratch that, because condom usage isn’t an issue of being book-smart, it’s just an issue of being respectful and considerate, and the statistics about marginalized groups on campus paint a pretty clear picture of how respectful and considerate undergrads at Harvard can be.

Harvard is an elite institution, of course, and so it’s no surprise that seniors reported experiencing the effects of some pretty widespread elitism. That being said, 90 percent of students of color and 96 percent of LGB students said they’d choose Harvard again – and let’s hope students in marginalized groups do continue to choose Harvard, because that’s how the school’s culture is going to change.

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