Watch Jason Segel’s Beautiful Portrayal Of David Foster Wallace

I’ve been questioning the choice of Jason Segel to play David Foster Wallace in the upcoming biopic, “The End of the Tour,” based on David Lipsky’s 2010 book-length interview with Wallace, Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself – possibly because the last Segel movie I watched was “I Love You, Man.”

But shivers, people. This trailer looks amazing. The movie has gotten rave reviews since it debuted at Sundance, and apparently they’re well-deserved, because Jesse Eisenberg seems to be fantastic as usual and Segel looks to be giving a surprising dramatic performance. I imagine it had to be hard to capture Wallace, because no one but Wallace has ever thought like Wallace. But the goal, then, would be to be sympathetic to who he was – a man who wanted to “treasure his regular guy-ness” at the same time that he was being revealed to the public as one of the most brilliant thinkers and writers of the time.

Wallace’s writing has always come off, to me, as thoroughly, intentionally, and heartbreakingly compassionate above anything else. I’m glad the movie is coming off that way, too.

[h/t The Verge]

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