UN: World Hunger Has Dropped By 10 Percent Over The Last 25 Years


Since 1990, the number of hungry people in the world has dropped from about one billion to about 795 million, despite population growth, according to the United Nations’ annual hunger report. That’s a drop from 23.3% of the world population then to 12.9% of the world population now living in chronic hunger – which is still significant, of course. Advances have been made especially in East, Southeast, and Central Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, while political strife and natural disasters have caused setbacks in some parts of the African continent. [New York Times]



While FIFA officials have been arrested on charges of money laundering and corruption, and working and living conditions have killed over a thousand workers, the Qatari government is refusing to let Nepalese World Cup workers leave to attend the funerals of family members and loved ones who died in the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. It’s labor practices like Qatar’s kafala system, under which employers control almost everything about workers’ lives, that appeal to FIFA in the first place, since more democratic nations require more negotiation, oversight, and transparency for large-scale events like the World Cup. [The Daily Beast]



An upcoming GIF art exhibit in Paris called GIF It! sounds pretty terrible: The press release for the exhibit claims that it’s “elevating” GIFs to a high art form (it is not the first GIF exhibit, and GIFs can be “real” art even if they’re on a screen rather than in a gallery), that GIFs are magic (no), that GIFs on a screen use too much energy (what?), and, of course, the exhibit features only male artists. Fun! [Art Fag City]



Read this profile of Ruby Corado and her D.C. transitional home, Casa Ruby. It’s a place for trans* adults to go when coming out leaves them without a job or a home, providing support for finding jobs, healthcare, housing, and jobs, on top of a powerful emotional support system and sense of community. Corado has become extremely influential in the D.C. area – former mayor Vincent Gray even walked her down the aisle at her wedding – and has been so successful that she’s been able to open transitional homes for trans* youth, too. [NPR]

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