“Let’s Never Apologize For Anything”: The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy-Actress Roundup Is Amazing

The Hollywood Reporter gathered this year’s possible Emmy-contenders for best comedic actresses, as has become tradition, for a pretty great roundtable. Featuring Tracee Ellis Ross, Lena Dunham, Gina Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Amy Schumer and Kate McKinnon, the discussion is a long-ranging one on being a powerful woman in the entertainment business and what it means to be funny. The whole thing is worth a read, and the videos clips require your viewing as well, but here are a few choice quotes for your reading pleasure.

Lena Dunham, on the underrepresentation of race in the first 2 seasons of “Girls”:

“I’d been thinking so much about representing weirdo, chubby girls and strange half-Jews that I had forgotten that there was an entire world of women being underserved.”

Dunham, Amy Schumer and Gina Rodriguez on what they wouldn’t do for a laugh:

Schumer: I would never suck a dick for a laugh.

Dunham: I would never fuck someone.

Rodriguez: I’m a brown girl, so I have to cross all the lines.

And finally, the most useful piece of information from Ellie Kemper, on fighting for what you’re worth:

 “I once heard an exec say, ‘If you don’t ask for it, we can’t give it to you.’ We can’t go through our lives just being grateful for everything.”