ABC Asked Amy Schumer To Be The Next “Bachelorette,” Better Not Be Kidding

Don’t play with my emotions, ABC! Just a day after Amy Schumer nailed her appearance on “The Bachelorette,” prompting fans to tweet their desire to see the single comedian as the next woman to hand out roses, Robert Mills, the senior vice president for ABC Entertainment, made her an “official” offer.

You better not be playin’, Robert, because the fans are dead serious about wanting to see a woman as funny, relatable, not-pint-sized and no bullshit as Amy make out with a ton of sexy hardbodies embark on the “Bachelorette” journey. No word on whether Amy is interested, but just incase she’s not, I have a backup suggestion for getting more Schumer on TV screens on Monday nights: MAKE HER THE HOST. Chris Harrison is a novelist now anyway. [Vanity Fair]