You Can Touch The Artworks At The Prado Museum


It turns out that even the business-loving Tea Party is in favor of reforming the rules having to do with campaign donations by big businesses. John Pudner of the Take Back Our Republic Action Fund explains that the tax break given to corporations and their major shareholders is bad business, using Solyndra as an example – their major shareholder made a major donation to the Obama campaign, received a huge loan from the government, and then declared bankruptcy. He argues that instead, we should reinstate tax breaks for small, individual donors to incentivize political participation and make campaigns more representative of the electorate. [The Daily Beast]


A Canadian teenager was arrested for 23 different offenses having to do with his interactions with other League of Legends gamers, mainly women who rejected his advances. The teenager made harassing phone calls, doxxed their personal information (including credit card info), and fraudulently sent SWAT teams to their homes. He’s plead guilty, so hopefully the sentencing will be proportionate to the amount of damage he’s done both in terms of wasting taxpayer resources and in terms of financial and emotional harm, though, you know, I’m not holding my breath. [The Mary Sue]


Are you worried that super intelligent AI are going to destroy the human race? They might not – they might make us pets, use resources that we don’t, or they might never come to exist at all. Click over for an explainer of the “paperclip theory” and all sorts of other AI-as-apocalypse philosophy. [Motherboard]


Spain’s Prado Museum has made 3-D, colorized versions of their artworks for a special exhibit, “Touching the Prado.” The exhibit is meant to increase accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, and is the first exhibit of the kind to use colorized artworks for those people who are partially blind. Non-impaired guests can, of course, wear a blindfold for a new experience with artworks. [NPR]

[Image via Prado Museum]