Remember When Jim Bob Duggar Said Incest Was A Crime Punishable By Death?

Oh, those Duggars! We’ve always known that the patriarch and matriarch of that clown car vagina circus (h/t The Superficial) known as “19 Kids and Counting” were judgmental a-holes, but the revelation that their eldest son Josh molested five girls, including his sisters, as a teenager sure did illuminate just how hypocritical Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s homophobic and transphobic fear-mongering actually is. Like, how are you gonna be worried about trans people molesting your kids in gym bathrooms when you didn’t do shit about your son fondling his sisters under your own damn roof?

Oh, speaking of incest and hypocrisy and the Duggars, remember back in 2002, when Jim Bob Duggar was campaigning for U.S. Senate and part of his platform was arguing that incest was a crime that should be punishable by death?! Defamer hopped in their time machine — i.e. did some Googling, because the internet never forgets, ain’t nothin’ Jesus can do about it — and uncovered this gem:

Jim Bob’s platform on his campaign website – preserved via web cache – states that he believes “rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes.” Jim Bob offered this belief to explain his position on abortion (only acceptable if both the mother and the baby were going to die anyway, of course).

So, Josh Duggar was molesting girls 12 years ago, when he was 14, probably just after his dad was running for Senate and telling the world that people who commit incest should be executed. (Perhaps discovering his own son was an incestuous pedophile made Jim Bob have a change of heart, one he never articulated because that would be the responsible, right thing to do; more likely, Jim Bob applies a completely different standard to his precious God-fearing son, who only needed a long weekend away and a chat with God to not only spare him such a punishment, but granted forgiveness.) But here’s a question: given that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar never actually reported Josh’s crimes to the police, wouldn’t that make them accessories to a capital crime? What’s the punishment for that, Jimbo? [The Superficial]