Bill Gates’s Beach Reads Are Actually Pretty Nifty

In addition to the New York Times’ astoundingly white reading list, and The Grio’s extremely helpful and thoughtful response to it, now that we’ve passed Memorial Day, the internet has no shortage of reading recommendations for the summer. Even Bill Gates has a reading list!

The richest man on earth released his summer reads on his blog a few days ago, and it turns out that they’re kind of delightful, ranging from two-count-em-two (well, technically three) books from webcomic artists to a classic refresher on how statistics can be distorted to an investigation of vaccines. He admitted that his reading list has historically tended to be on the dense side, but he lightened it up this year. Here’s the list in short form:

For Gates’ equally delightful explanations, including one of those moments when a guy explains a joke so thoroughly that he ruins the joke, head over to his blog – or just, you know, take his word for it. He is Bill Gates.

[Bill Gates]

[Image via Bill Gates]

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