This Hoodie Has A Creepy Cat-Snuggling Pouch To Make Your Pets Hate You

I no longer have cats of my own, but I am extreme BFFs with the bodega cat who lives down the street from my apartment. If I were allowed to borrow her for an afternoon and take her home with me, I’d buy one of these fancy feline hoodies for the sole purpose of cuddling with her. Yes, the hoodie is kind of creepy as hell, but so what? So what if it seems like prime inspiration for a nightmare about some kind of radioactive cat-kangaroo?

Japanese company Unihabitat sells the Mewgaroo hoodie on Amazon Japan. It’s evidently a bestseller, so it’s currently out of stock, but on May 26 it will be back on digital shelves and can be yours for less than 6,000 yen! I am all for cramming my pets in close, but here’s my one concern: no cat I know would willingly submit to being packed into a tiny space like that pocket without some serious scratching. This hoodie is the perfect vehicle to make your cat despise you so he’ll knock over the Christmas tree and wake you up each morning by jumping on your head that much sooner. This cat knows what I’m talking about, as he is clearly hating life:

You’ve been warned. [Laughing Squid]