Workout’s A Drag? Not When You’re Working Out With Drag Queens!

HEY! Do you hate working out? I know I do. I like swimming but that’s about it as far as exercise I legitimately enjoy. However, I’m really trying to get it together as far as that goes, what with the fact that my job as an internet blogger is pretty darned sedentary.

Which is why I am excited to announce that my gal pal Miss Pandora Boxx of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is getting her Jane Fonda on and making a workout video with her trainer Craig Ramsey called “Workout’s A Drag!”– featuring awesome drag queens of all sizes getting their workout on! Now this is a fitness regimen I could get behind and actually do without feeling like a giant dork trying to take myself seriously!

As a person who is straight up terrible at committing to regularly working out, the idea of a funny workout video is way more appealing to me than the standard fare. Plus, I love Pandora and if anyone can get me to actually do a workout video, it’s her. After all, she did teach me how to walk in heels!

In addition to trying to create a fun fitness video (and what’s more fun than working out with queens in fancy dresses and heels?) Pandora and Craig also want to make an LGBT friendly workout video in hopes of combating homophobia in the fitness industry.

In order to get funding, they’ve initiated a Kickstarter with some awesome prizes–including DVD copies and downloads of the video. For $200, you can even get a Skype session with Miss Boxx herself!

Pandora writes:

Do you like to work out? I’ll freely admit that I don’t though I love how I feel after. I’ve tried workout video after workout video. Some made me want to slap the host and some made me feel like part of the rhythmless nation. When I started training with Craig, he was tough but had such a friendly demeanor about it. I knew he really wanted me to succeed and get back in shape. In turn, with my exhausted faces and little quips I made him laugh. There was something in the combination of an amazing workout and laughter which struck a chord with both of us. What if we did something that added a huge element of comedy and fun to a real workout? Since I am a drag queen adding the element of drag seemed a logical choice. Who doesn’t love drag? Drag has reached such new heights in recent years and it’s exciting to bring it into the world of fitness.

I’m so beyond thrilled to move on to the next step with this project that we’ve been working on for over a year. Who doesn’t want to put a little fun into their fitness routine? I hope you can join us on this amazing project!

This seems like a great time, and I can’t wait to see the finished result!