Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Listen To These Albums If You Must Be Around People

We are in the throes of the first long weekend of the summer, so your dance card is most likely full of barbecues and picnics, but if you’re using this time to recharge and eschew the warm embrace of humanity for the equally sweet embrace of your own private solitude, let me stop you right there. These albums deserve to be enjoyed in the company of people. The sun is shining, fool, get out there!

Shamir Bailey is a goofy 21 year old from Vegas with a sweet voice that bends genders and an overall good attitude. His debut album, Ratchet, is music for dancing, for singing, for grabbing the aux cord in your best friend’s car and turning the volume up as loud as it goes. It sounds like the music your little sister’s college roommate is making out of his dorm room, which is to say, cooler than you probably are, right now. Get in there.

Remember Rich Homie Quan? You know, the one who had literally everyone, including your grandma, feeling some type of way, oh, two summers ago? The great news is that he’s got a new six-song EP out exclusively on Spotify, and it opens with the first true candidate for song of the summer that I’ve heard yet, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” aside. Quan’s delighted, strangled yelps over that bouncy, summery beat — ooh, ooh, ooh indeed.

And, for something much more chill — Tanlines’ second album is out, and it’s ’80s-influenced, boppy, electro-pop. It’s the perfect thing to end your night with, be it on a sweaty dance floor waving a plastic cup of something with strangers, or at a private dance party in your backyard with people you’ve known your whole life. It’s great.