Watch This: “Mean Girls” Deleted Scene Is So Good, Should’ve Stayed In The Movie

For better or worse, Mean Girls is the movie of a generation.

Now, mine was Clueless, because I’m right at that age; for others, it was Heathers. (Jawbreaker was for no one.) In any case, Mean Girls joined the illustrious ranks of Teen Girls Trying to Kill One Another just as soon as it hit theaters — it isn’t really a “cult” movie, per se, if only because it never floundered in obscurity — and yet it is definitely Canon.

According to HuffPo, folks who pick up the “10th Anniversary Digital Edition” of Mean Girls through iTunes will be treated to this deleted scene, below:

Allow me to set the stage: At the high school dance, in the girls’ bathroom — because that is where all heart-to-hearts ever happen, obvs — Regina George approaches Cady and admits she just isn’t that into “the guy.” (What was his name, even? I can’t remember, either.) Regina proceeds to examine, aloud, why she is the way she is. Instead of there being a tenuous resolution between frenemies, there’s a much warmer one. It’s unexpectedly tender.

And honestly? I’m a little heartbroken the powers-that-be elected to not keep this scene. Like, I get why it was cut — it’s a hamfisted conclusion to the movie’s events, and it’s a dramatic shift tonally — but it it also goes far in emphasizing that Regina George, for all her faults, is no monster. And by humanizing the villain, by letting her have this one true moment of realization, of self-actualization, it explains why some Reginas of the world are “just Regina” — no harm, no foul.

It’s pretty good, is what I’m saying.

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