Mama June Threatens To Sue TLC For Airing “19 Kids & Counting” After Duggar Molestation Admission

Last night, I was doing a little channel surfing — Thursday nights are dull now that “Scandal” is over — and would have scrolled right past TLC if JIM BOB DUGGAR’S dopey face hadn’t caught my attention. No. Fucking. Way. I thought. I checked the guide to confirm that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Sure enough, just hours after Josh Duggar confirmed that he had indeed molested at least five girls, including his sisters, as a teenager, TLC was airing not just one episode of “19 Kids & Counting,” BUT AN ENTIRE FUCKING MARATHON. (I’m sorry, I’m so appalled by this entire thing, I can’t stop myself from resorting to ALL CAPS at points.) I checked Twitter, and sure enough, others had noticed as well. Was TLC trying to capitalize off the headline-making news? Was the marathon prescheduled and they, like, forgot to pull it? Was whoever is in charge of such things AWAY FOR THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND?? Did someone lose the keys to the control room? It seems very telling that while we all wait to hear if the network is going to cancel what our pals at The Superficial call “this clown car vagina circus,” TLC decided to air a bunch of episodes back-to-back.

And I am not the only one who is pissed. See, another TLC star, Mama June Shannon, is also peeved that they haven’t yet kicked the Duggars to the curb for, you know, waiting a full fucking year after learning that their son had molested their daughters to do next to nothing about it. After all, Shannon’s show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” was canceled by TLC after it came to light that Shannon was dating a man her daughter Anna had accused of molesting her when she was a kid. To be clear, I’m not excusing Shannon for showing insanely disgusting parental judgement by dating someone who had victimized her daughter, but it does seem a touch hypocritical that “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” got the axe over molestation accusations against someone not even on the show, while the “19 Kids & Counting” remains on the air. And according to TMZ, Mama June is now threatening to sue TLC if they don’t cancel the Duggars like they canceled “Honey Boo Boo.”

Shannon also took to Twitter to, once again, deny she dated a molester, and also complain about the unfairness:

SPOILER ALERT: No matter what happens, WE ALL LOSE. Ugh. [TMZ]