This PSA About A Dog’s Loyalty Will Kinda Break Your Heart

The blogosphere may be the land of hyperbole, but I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this incredible PSA about a dog’s love and the wonderful impact of organ donation will make you cry. The clip, made in Argentina and directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, features a dog meant to represent Japanese canine hero Hachikō, a dog who saw his owner off to work at the train station each morning and waited there all day until he returned. When the man passed away at work one day and never returned home on the train, Hachikō waited for him at the station for nine years until his own death. Thankfully, the story in the PSA has a more optimistic ending, as the dog sees that his owner’s legacy lives on because of his organ donation. Cue a burst into tears. If you’re so inclined, donate your organs! It changes lives! [Mashable]