Rob Lowe’s New Anti-Aging Skincare Line Promises Timeless Handsomeness

I love Rob Lowe. He strikes me as the kind of guy who punctuates every sentence with “We have fun here!” He probably claps people on the shoulder a little too hard, smiling impishly, eyes a-twinkling. (Apparently, Rashida Jones once described him as a “benevolent narcissist,” which has the ring of truth.)

In keeping with his “relatable and earnest, but just vain enough to keep it interesting” celebrity #brand, Rob Lowe is launching a skincare line! It’s called PROFILE™, and it launches this week at

Is it a skincare line for men? Yes, it is for men: “This is not a repackaged women’s line with macho print,” Lowe explained to Women’s Wear Daily. “This is formulated specifically for men’s skin, which is up to 30 percent thicker than women’s skin.”

And who designed PROFILE™? Rob Lowe did: “The thing I really want people to understand is that I built this line from the ground up. …I’m not the celebrity endorser, I’m not the face of the product. I’m the developer of it.”

In an interview with The Cut, Lowe revealed some of his own health and beauty secrets, including wearing a sleep mask during his commute—not while driving! Rob Lowe has a driver, thank you—and sticking to a high-protein “Paleo” breakfast. (In the same interview he discussed his “dadbod” obsession.)

Whatever Rob Lowe is doing, it’s working: he’s 51 somehow.

PROFILE™ will initially launch with five products, including cleanser, aftershave, and one of those anti-aging rollerball thingies for around the eye area. Still in the works: a moisturizing sunscreen. Besides being available at, the skincare line is also slated to appear in 60 Nordstroms.


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