Rejoice! Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Possibly Holding Hands!

E! Online “can confirm” that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were recently spotted in Malibu “holding hands.” No, there are no photographs of said event, but E! Online’s report seems unusually confident. Hooray! Could this mean a reconciliation is on the horizon? Is love alive again??

Over at Lainey Gossip, Lainey posits a different theory entirely: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield never even broke up. As Lainey tells it, STAR Magazine initiated the rumor and other, more reputable publications ran with it. By her estimation, the story was never adequately sourced to begin with—but outlets rushed anyway, because no one ever wants to get scooped by STAR.

All of this is so much conjecture, of course; either way, the only true, confirm-able fact here is that Andrew Garfield has been filming a movie in Taiwan.

Still, hope springs eternal! Hand-holding, you say? Why, we eagerly await reports of “canoodling”!

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