Gay Teen Says Grindr Pastor Told Him To Kill Himself

Earlier this week, Pastor Matthew Makena resigned from his position at a Michigan church after the website Queerty revealed that the virulently anti-gay man of the cloth had been secretly trying to get his freak on with other men on Grindr.

Now, that story turns even darker as one young man says that, after he told Makena he was gay, he responded by telling him “if he was going to go to hell for being gay that he might as well go to hell by committing suicide.”

Tyler Kish told WNEM’s David Custer that, although he knew what Makena saying to him was wrong, he seriously considered suicide after speaking to him. Luckily, he had a really great mother who was there to support him.

Kish says he forgives Makena, which makes him a better person than I am. Because all I can think of right now, is what if he said that to another kid who actually did commit suicide? Really. Him being gay himself aside, what if that was what happened to this kid or another kid? That is a horrible, disgusting thing to say to another human being. That is straight up evil.

Between this and the Josh Duggar thing, and the Bill O’Reilly thing, and the other homophobic twatwaffle who was caught sending dick pics on Grindr… I am so, so enraged at these people I can hardly see straight. No one is ever, ever allowed to talk about “family values” again, ok? Because every one of them, they’re all sick. They are so, so much sicker than the people they’re out there blaming for what they think is the “downfall of society.” I sincerely wish I believed in hell right now, because I would love to think of them ending up there.