Ex-Legislator Joe Morrissey Confirms He Fathered Teenager’s Baby With Creepy Ass Photo

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. EW.

After a few weeks of avoiding the question, former Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey (D-And A Lot Of It…) has confirmed that he is the father of his former receptionist’s child. Said receptionist, Myrna Pride, was only 17 years old when they began their affair, and Morrissey went to jail for six months as a result.

Prior to confirming the child’s paternity, Morrissey actually gave one these creepy old timey photos to a reporter, complete with autograph.

At the time, Morrissey was still being way shifty about whether or not he was the father. However, yesterday, he confirmed it, telling radio host Jack Gravely, “I am as engaged in Chase’s life as a man could be. I’m super proud of Myrna and I love Chase. Chase is my blood. We had our baby, we love our baby.”

Again, ew. This guy is 57 years old, he took advantage of a teenage employee, and now he wants to pretend like everything is normal and great? Gross.

Although Morrissey lost his position amidst the sex scandal, he ended up being re-elected to it after he got out of jail. He has since given it up in order to make a run for Senator as an Independent, as the Democratic Party of Virginia doesn’t so much want anything to do with the creep.

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