Qatar’s World Cup Construction Has Killed Hundreds Of Slave Workers


In a commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy scheduled for today, President Obama is going to make remarks about climate change as a threat to national security. He points out in excerpts of the address that have been released to the public that climate change will affect poverty and social tensions, put coastal military bases at risk, and damage military facilities and equipment. The President has been unable to affect much legislative change regarding the environment, but this address is part of an ongoing effort to influence Americans’ perspectives on climate change. [ABC]


Hundreds of slave workers have died in the construction of stadiums for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. These indentured workers – from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and elsewhere – are living and working in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and at the current rate of death, by the time the stadiums are finished, 62 workers will have died per match in order for the World Cup to happen. Documentarians have been detained by the Qatari police for attempting to expose the workers’ living and working conditions, and FIFA has been silent at best and crassly avoidant at worst over the issue, so advocacy groups are trying to send the message to FIFA’s sponsors, instead. [The Guardian]


Reflecting back on 2001-2009, did you ever imagine you’d find yourself thinking that George W. Bush’s stance on abortion was actually pretty reasonable? I sure didn’t, but it turns out that Bush II’s abortion policies are now too liberal for Texan politicians, who want to wipe out the exceptions to parental consent policies that he wrote into law while he was governor of Texas. Everything is truly bigger in Texas, including government interference in women’s health choices. [The Daily Beast]


Forgive me if this is just me completely geeking out and thinking this is the raddest thing on the planet, but Anne Pasternak, current director of the art non-profit Creative Time, has been named chief curator of the Brooklyn Museum. Pasternak took Creative Time from being a fledgling arts organization to being a major player in the art world, especially with last year’s Kara Walker sugar sphinx to brag about. Pasternak will be the first woman chief curator of a New York encyclopedic art museum, and just all-around congratulations to her. [ArtNet]

[Image via The Guardian]