Court Transcripts Detail Bill O’Reilly Dragging Ex-Wife Down Stairs By Her Neck

Earlier this week, Gawker reported that during Bill O’Reilly’s custody dispute, in which full custody of their two children was awarded to his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy, his daughter testified that she had seen him drag his wife down the stairs by her neck during an argument.

I believed it right off the bat–however, some people were more skeptical. O’Reilly himself categorically denied it and said it was 100 percent false.

However, Gawker has now obtained the court transcripts describing what O’Reilly’s daughter says went down:


The transcripts revealed some other fairly interesting anecdotes as well, including the way O’Reilly badmouthed their mother and their new stepfather to the children, accusing her of adultery:


This is, of course, pretty ironic given the fact that O’Reilly himself is known to have bragged extensively about his extramarital conquests. In the transcripts of the original falafelgate lawsuit, in which O’Reilly was accused of sexually harassing coworker Andrea Mackris, he was quoted as saying, “Nobody’d believe ‘em … they wouldn’t tell anyway. I can’t imagine any of them doing that ‘cuz I always made friends with women before I bedded them down.”

To boot, O’Reilly’s daughter also testified that her father had not been around or in her life for the past 11 years. Ironic, again, because O’Reilly really, really likes to go on and on about how Black men are terrible fathers and thus to blame for their kids being shot at by police while unarmed:


Then again, O’Reilly simply has different standards for white people in general. Last night he had former Banditos member Edward Winterhalder on his program to discuss the recent biker gang bloodbath in Waco, and spent a lot of time reminding people that “not all bikers” are violent weirdos who murder each other over who can wear a Texas patch on their biker jackets. In contrast, he repeatedly demanded that black guests “take responsibility” for what he sees as “the problems in the black community.”

Further transcripts detailed O’Reilly’s tendency towards temper tantrums and — by his own admission — “going ballistic.”


As I’ve noted before, there is literally no scandal in the world that is going to stick to Bill O’Reilly. He can sexually harass women with falafels, propose threesomes with coworkers, brag about how excited and impressed Balinese women were with his dick, brag about the things he did in the back room of a Thai sex show, brag about cheating on his wife, he can lie about his war reporting, he can even drag his wife down the stairs by her neck. It literally does not matter. The people who love him will still love him. They will continue to see him as being emblematic of “family values,” they will still see him as righteous and pure-hearted.

In fact, I managed to get through a few comments on conservative sites regarding this matter, and those who support O’Reilly are pretty well convinced that this is just a liberal plot to ruin things for conservatives in 2016. Like somehow we got hold of a TARDIS, traveled back to 2012, caused O’Reilly to get divorced and then began a child custody dispute that lasted over three years, convinced his daughter (through hypnotism?) that she saw him drag her mother down the stairs by her neck, all so Hillary Clinton can win the election in 2016.

I mean, hey–I would do pretty much anything to keep abortion legal, but it is literally impossible for me or anyone to do that. Still, even if they believe it, they’re more likely to be mad at “the liberal media” for reporting on it than mad at O’Reilly for doing it.

But hey! While I doubt this is going to convince any O’Reilly fans that he’s a terrible human, it’s still an important thing to report. However, the most important thing is that this monster is being kept away from his two children, so as to (hopefully) not cause any more damage in their lives.