Mariah Carey Sounded Slightly Better On “Jimmy Kimmel” Last Night

The publicity machine for Mariah Carey’s latest collection of #1 hits, #1 to Infinity, chugs ahead, and last night she was on “Jimmy Kimmel” to do the “Vision Of Love”/”Infinity” mashup she’s been shilling. Given what we know of Mariah’s recent live performances, girl doesn’t have it like she used to, but as a dear friend said to me as we discussed this, “She doesn’t sound horrible.” It’s true. The past is the past, lambs. We will always remember MTV Unplugged Mariah, because that was her peak. This isn’t necessarily her demise, but just a new chapter, right? If you ignore the fact that her backup singers are doing the heavy lifting on the “to infini-TEE-HEE-HEEE-TEEEHEEEE” chorus, and close your eyes, she sounds like vintage Mariah with a head cold. We’ll take it.