Cannes Film Festival Turns Women Away For Wearing Flats


An NGO in Tunisia, Aswat Nissa (translates to “Women’s Voice”) is organizing “political academies” in which Tunisian women are polled about their political opinions and given a platform to share their concerns about governance and lobby politicians. These academies are also serving as a way to identify women who might want to get into politics as a career and provide them the resources and support to do so. [The Guardian]


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a law requiring women seeking abortions to wait 48 hours between receiving information about the risks of abortion and the actual procedure. This comes only 10 days after Haslam signed a law requiring abortion clinics to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers. The 48-hour law sounds innocent enough, but with anti-abortion laws forcing the shutdown of many clinics, waiting periods can make it so that women who want abortions have to travel long distances to get to a clinic, then have to stay near the clinic to go through the waiting period, requiring them essentially to take three or more days off of work, which women in poverty can’t reasonably do. [RawStory]


Multiple women have reported being turned away from screenings at Cannes for wearing flats instead of heels, with Cannes employees claiming that flats aren’t “formal” enough – even when the women are older or have disabilities. Of course, if they were also requiring men to wear heels, it’d be both fairer and a more interesting festival overall, but they’re not. [BBC]


Read this very interesting interview with Whitney Phillips, who’s made trolling her professional area of interest and is releasing her dissertation on the subject, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, in book form from MIT Press soon. She’s wary of using the term “trolling” as broadly as we do, because she feels like accusing someone of trolling also gives them a built-in excuse for what is really harassment – that they’re “just trolling.” [Motherboard]

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