12 Sickest Burns In “Lizzie McGuire” History

“Lizzie McGuire” is loved for many things, but it deserves extra appreciation for being such an untapped well of badass 2000s-chic comebacks. No woman has topped Kate Sanders’ zingers before or since her reign of the small screen, and for that, she has my undying respect (or something like that). Here’s a flashback to the best burns to ever grace “Lizzie McGuire”…

1. “What’s your email, Lizzie? [email protected]?” – Kate

2. “Did your mom stop shopping at Dorks-R-Us?” - Kate

3. “How many Lizzies does it take to screw in a light bulb? Hmmm, I don’t know, but it only takes one to screw up a graduation.” - Kate

4. “Only you would think that you could hide that powder blue, puffy sleeved, it’s kind of a peasant dress, but it’s really a questionable disaster of fiber content that you wore to the spring dance. Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!” - Kate

Lizzie McGuire

5. Kate: “Who’s invited?”

Lizzie: “Everybody”

Kate: “And ‘everybody’ starts with me!”


6. “Ethan Craft calls everyone a dude! He doesn’t know many other words.” - Coach Kelly

Ethan Craft

7. Kate: “I looked for this outfit for weeks, so you had better change before sixth period.”

Miranda: “Okay, I’ll change, I’ll pretend you’re not a snot-faced snothead!”

8. Tudgeman: “Sorry, but you won’t believe what just happened!”

Lizzie: “What do you think he did?”

Gordo: “I don’t know, got dressed by himself?”

9. Lizzie: “Is there anything Ethan can’t do?”

Gordo: “Count past ten without taking his shoes off.”

10. Lizzie: “You know who you should go as, Matt? A troll. That way you wouldn’t need any makeup.”

Matt: “See, I was gonna be the ugliest kid on earth, but you’re already wearing the costume.”

11. “So Kate, besides an F in science, what else do you expect to find in the woods today?” – Gordo

12. “Don’t go into the biology lab, they might try to experiment on you.” - Kate