Jay Z And Beyoncé Donated Thousands To Meet Baltimore Protester Bail


Ruth Badass Ginsburg officiated a same-sex marriage this weekend, during which she said that she was marrying the men with the power vested in her by the Constitution (emphasis hers) of the United States of America. With the Supreme Court hearing a landmark case on same-sex marriage, most people are seeing Ginsburg’s special attention to the word “constitution” as a tip of her hand as to her thoughts on the case. [The New Civil Rights Movement]


Since 2000, there’s been a sea change in the admissions makeup of state universities, to the effect that students receiving in-state tuition rates are being squeezed out of elite, national research universities. Many universities are cutting slots available for in-state students, which boils down to being an easier way for the university to get the profit of high tuition prices (i.e., the tuition charged to increasing numbers of out-of-state students) than to raise the price of tuition itself. It’s sneaky, and it’s dismantling one of the most meritocratic ways for Americans to have access to higher education. [New York Times]


Police are saying that the new synthetic drug “flakka” is to blame for a man running naked around Fort Lauderdale, attempting to have sex with a tree, and claiming that he is the god Thor, but scientists who study synthetic drugs say otherwise. Apparently new synthetic drugs are way less harmful than they’re made out to be by police and the news media. (And personally, I can think of a lot of reasons a person might attempt to have sex with a tree and call themselves Thor.) [Vox]


Filmmaker Dream Hampton, who worked with Jay Z on his 2010 documentary “Decoded,” tweeted out that Jay and Beyoncé had wired tens of thousands of dollars to help meet the exorbitant bail that’s been set for many Baltimore protesters. Hampton deleted her tweets, calling them “error-ridden,” but confirmed to the Guardian that the errors had to do with the details and that the Carters had in fact wired money to meet protester bail. [The Guardian]

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