Compassionate Fashion: Stock Up On Cool Basics At Everlane

Over the last, oh, six months or so, I’ve pretty much stopped buying fashion magazines and have all but quit paying attention to trends, aside from noticing those which are impossible to miss (seriously, are we really trying to make high-fashion Tevas a thing and can we NOT?). I did a major purge of my closet before I moved to Brooklyn in November and was seriously stunned by how much rarely or never worn clothing I had accumulated, much of which was bought in effort to try out some sort of hot look I was seeing in magazines or on fashion blogs. It was all totally cute — at no point would I have ever bought into the Teva trend, to be clear — but after the first few wears, they were banished to my closet. Forced to consider which clothes to keep, pack and pay to move across the East River, I made a decision that I was done wasting money buying into trends that, while totally rad and funky and fashionable, didn’t feel like me. I thought about which clothes I found myself reaching for regularly in the morning, and how they made me feel like the cutest, chicest self, as opposed to myself wearing some other person’s cute, chic outfit. I resolved that when I found clothing that made me feel similarly going forward, I was allowed to splurge on multiples because of all the wear I would get out of them and the skip they would consistently put in my step. I’ve been much more mindful in my approach to clothes and shopping, and purchase only those things I genuinely love and could see myself wearing regularly (with exceptions made for certain special occasion pieces). These are my basics.

Speaking of basics — they do not have to be boring. A lot of what I wear now can be mixed and matched, layered in cold weather, dressed up or down, and totally jazzed up with funky jewelry or brightly colored pumps. When it comes to basics — be it button downs, shift dresses, pullover sweaters or jeans — what I look for more than anything is fit. Not every silky button-front blouse is cut the same, y’all. Does it drape just so? The reason I have six versions of the same Madewell shirt is because I am just that freaking bananas about the way the shoulders are cut, the sleeves are cuffed and the the whole thing drapes just baggily enough. And I’m always keeping my eye out for other brands that make great, affordable basics, beyond the usual chains like GAP and J. Crew. That’s how Everlane came across my radar and I was extra intrigued when I read that they’re conscientious about working with the best and most ethically-operated factories around the world and are fully transparent about much it costs to make their products and the reasoning behind their for sale prices. And, on a more aesthetic note, each of their carefully chosen pieces is beautifully made and tailored. Here are some of my faves!

Left to Right:

  • The Habotai Silk Long Sleeve: $78
  • The French Terry: $40
  • The Short Sleeve Shirt Dress: $75
  • The Pleated Short: $48
  • The Everlane Anorak: $98