Third “28 Days Later” Zombie Film Is In Works, We Can’t Wait To Be Terrified

Personally, I cannot get enough zombies between the epic television series “The Walking Dead” and now the announcement that there will be a third sequel to the “28 Days Later” franchise, it’s like constant zombies in entertainment. They are my favorite horror genre by leaps and bounds!

The first movie of the trilogy came out in 2007 and was written by Andrew Garland, the writer of “Ex Machina, “which is currently in theaters. It scared the living shit out of everyone then, especially given the fact that the highly virulent strain is easily transmissible by a single drop of blood and the zombies were not the normal slow gaiting fools but instead, speeding homicidal rage monsters. Not to mention it also starred hottie Cillian Murphy who I still drool over.

The new film will be called “28 Months Later.” Be ready to shit your pants like you did almost 10 years ago. Yay!

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