Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Welcome To Me,” Read A Little Life & Grill Some Pizzas


  • “Mad Men” is ending, and a nation will mourn (maybe) on Monday, so brush up on all the dangling conspiracy theories about how this behemoth will come to an end. Here’s Matthew Zoller Seitz at Vulture with the theory that holds the most water, for me at least. Here’s a bunch of female writers talking about “Mad Men”‘s top feminist moments. Because we live in a world where fiction is reality and reality is actually fiction, maybe, The Atlantic published the story that Ken Cosgrove, a fictional character, fictitiously wrote for a real life magazine. I don’t know. It’s a weird world! But it’s also a great one, so read all these things, and get ready to discuss. – Megan
  • Hanya Yanigahara has written a giant, sprawling opus of a book called A Little Life, which is a small name for a large, heartrending story. This novel follows a group of four friends from their post college-years through their fifties. It’s comparable to Mary McCarthy’s The Group or Claire Messud’s The Emperor’s Children in that it’s a New York  City post-graduate novel that follows a group of friends around but it is also really fucking depressing and borders on misery porn. That said, I still couldn’t put it down. – Megan
  • The Vorrh by B. Catling is about an English soldier who attempts to traverse a magical forest called The Vorrh and unpredictably suspenseful fantastical things ensue. — Rebecca
  • I’m all for women rejoicing in their singlehood, as books like the recent Spinster by Kate Bolick have suggested, especially given how much pressure is put on us to see marriage and children as the end-all-be-all. But I also find that the “BEING SINGLE IS FABULOUS!!!” trend, if you can call it that, sometimes lacks nuance, putting its own unnecessary pressure on single women to be happy with what may or may not be a “choice,” per se, as if to admit otherwise is a betrayal to feminism. So I really appreciate this article in The Nation by Samhita Mukhopadhyay, who writes that this pressure “obscures the lived reality of being single that, sometimes, is not that great—the lack of support when dealing with financial pressures, or when supporting a sick relative, or just having to take care of everything from rent to groceries on your own. Sure, it is inspiring to think of women who have not completely crumbled under the weight of it all—but I think we can do better.” Me too. – Amelia


  • Don’t try to watch anything on BBC America, IFC, SundanceTV or WEtv on Sunday, because out of respect (?) for the series finale of “Mad Men” at 10 pm, those channels will be going dark, opting to air a message to commemorate the end of an era. This seems crazy, because it’s just a WORK OF FICTION, YOU LOONSbut I also feel like I know Peggy well enough to call her up and talk about shitty work environments, so I get it. Anyway, just watch “Mad Men” on Sunday night, because you barely have a choice anyhow. – Megan
  • My brother recommended this weird dark little indie movie called “Welcome To Me,” starring Kristen Wiig, and while I now think he was kind of maybe implying something snide he said I would really like it, he was right — I did like it! Wiig plays Alice Kleig, a woman with borderline personality disorder and an obsession with Oprah who wins the $86 million Mega-Millions lottery jackpot and uses the money to buy herself a talk show — all about herself. The movie is weird and darkly funny and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s not a perfect film, but it’s a uniquely special one, and it’s currently in theaters and On Demand. – Amelia


  • The beloved podcast Radiolab did a live show in Brooklyn last week with a live percussion score. During the show, they told the story of a woman’s experience undergoing heart surgery. It was underscored by the sound of heartbeats and percussion, and several members of the live audience had a strong physical reaction to the sound of a human heart paired with the music. They’ve made the piece available online, so listen if you dare — just don’t do it while driving! – Claire


  •  Remember that time in “Girls” when Marnie and her now-ex Charlie went to get the ingredients to make grilled pizzas just before he dumped her forever and ever? Well, you can make them too, sans dumping! This recipe looks delicious. – Claire


  • I’m obsessed with playing Ribbons from Dikaffe Games, which is adorable and addictive and lovely and I CANNOT STOP. – Rebecca