That Scene Between Alicia & Kalinda On “The Good Wife” Season Finale Was Faked!

I don’t watch “The Good Wife.” It’s somewhere on my list of TV shows to binge watch as I grow older and more agoraphobic — below “Shameless,” but above “The Newsroom” — but otherwise, I don’t pay the show any mind. That is, until last night, when I saw a few different people tweeting about a scene from the season finale, which TV Line was reporting had been “faked.” See, it turns out that “Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies, who plays Alicia, and Archie Panjabi, who plays her (former?) bestie Kalinda, had not appeared in a scene together in almost three seasons, in part because of some mysterious falling out between the two actors. The season finale of the show finally depicted these two characters sharing a drink together in a bar, which was apparently quite exciting for fans of the show, including TVLine writer Michael Ausiello, who wrote, “It was magical. I was elated. They did it.”

Except they really didn’t. Eagle-eyed fans noticed small tells, like lighting inconsistencies, the fact that the actresses’ faces couldn’t be seen in over-the-shoulder shots, and that they never touched each other, leading many to quickly cry, “CONSPIRACY!” And sure enough, TVLine was able to confirm that Margulies and Panjabi filmed their parts in the scene separately, body doubles were used for those over-the-shoulder shots and the whole thing was edited together in post.

Can we talk about how much extra time and effort had to be put into doing this, simply because these two actresses seemingly refuse to put on their big girl pants and act like professionals?¬†Margulies gets paid a reported $180,000 per episode! Suck it up! Seriously, this both blows my mind and majorly piques my curiosity. Why are they so mad at each other? What could possibly have caused a rift so wide that “The Good Wife” production staff would go along with filming/editing a highly anticipated scene in the most inefficient, wasteful, stupid, not to mention disingenuous way possible? I am so curious. Tell me your theories!

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