TLC’s “Submissive Wives” Special Looks Shrug-Worthy, Daily Mail Commenters Are Surprisingly Unenthused

TLC is going to be airing a two-hour special called “The Submissive Wives’ Guide to Marriage,” about Biblically submissive wives. The women featured view it as their purpose to make sure their husbands are constantly satisfied, and to one husband’s credit, he notes, “For her to submit to you, you have to give her something to submit to,” which I think roughly translates to “If you’re going to ask your wife to live her life for you, you can’t be a dickhead to her.”

I don’t think I need to go too far into my own thoughts on the matter (basically: Not for me, thanks anyway), but the truly stunning thing about this whole story is the comments on the Daily Mail’s write-up of the show:

“All marriages work in different ways, if that’s what works for them then more power to them. Me, it wouldn’t work at all. We like being equals, even in our wedding vows we talked about doing everything together and equally. I’m way too opinionated and strong to let anyone tell me what to do, and my husband loves me for it.”

“Wouldn’t work for me I’ve been independent my whole life. If it works for them good for them.”

“It’d be marginal, but I think I’d just prefer being married to a woman like this than to a raging rad fem! But both would be completely insufferable after about 25 seconds.”

“Sounds boring. I want my wife to be able to think for herself and argue with me when I am wrong. The sum of the two should be greater than the two individuals.”

So, basically, past the “WOMEN are INNATELY submISSIVE” comments (seriously, I don’t get some commenters’ caps strategy), everyone’s just kind of saying, “Zuh whut?” The takeaway from which, for me, is that most people – man, woman, or otherwise – don’t like or want to submit or lead all the time, don’t like or want their partner to submit or lead all the time, and nonetheless want to live and let live – which is more positive a message than I thought I’d ever glean from a Daily Mail comment section.

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[Image via TLC/Daily Mail]

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