“The Mindy Project” Is Alive!

Fox may have coldly canceled “The Mindy Project” last week, but fret not! Those rumors about Hulu bringing the series back to life are true! Hulu and NBC Universal struck up a deal for 26 more episodes of the show (I’m secretly hoping that will somehow magically transform into a lot more). Thank God for this, because the season three finale was a cliffhanger, and I would be incredibly displeased if we had to live the rest of our lives not knowing what happens next between Mindy and Danny. Lots of “Mindy” fans already watched the show on Hulu anyway, so it’s almost as if nothing has changed! So far, it’s the only canceled show this season to receive a new shot at life, and if we know anything about Mindy Kaling, this new chance surely won’t be squandered.


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