Gavin McInnes Throws Giant Mantrum Over Women Having Jobs

Gavin McInnes may or may not be some kind of fugazi Andy Kaufman going around saying horrible things in order to freak people out. Nonetheless, he is taken very seriously by conservative outlets and pundits who seem to think that his brand of verbal horror porn is the bees knees.

Last night’s “Hannity” featured a segment in which that dingbat Jesse Whatsisface went around “surprising” Hillary Clinton supporters to see if they knew about the widely debunked report that she supposedly paid women less than men while working as a Senator.

However, as panelist Tamara Holder pointed out, that is not actually even sort of true. Hannity stuck to his guns and insisted that it was, and that the Washington Free Beacon — who originally promoted the false research — was a respected news outlet (also not even sort of true).

Things, however, got extra weird when Gavin McInnes popped on screen insisting that women get paid lower on purpose, because they have to go to their children’s piano recitals rather than stay up all night working. He then started screaming about how women aren’t “ambitious” and really didn’t like working and liked staying at home better, and that they should just do that and let the menfolk have all the real jobs instead of just pretending. Because I guess he has psychic powers of some kind? I don’t know.

He then began telling Holder, a prominent attorney, that she didn’t actually like her job (again, psychic powers), or being single, and that she should just stay home and have babies. He conveniently left out the part about being barefoot. The garbage sundae was then topped off with the cherry of “If you were a real feminist, you would support housewives and see them as the heroes, and women who work as wasting their time.”

For what it’s worth, feminists do support women who choose to stay at home with their children! And men who choose to stay at home with their children! You know, in addition to those who choose to work. But hey! Who are we to interfere with a heterosexual white man’s idea of what feminism should be! Clearly, he has some swell ideas.

I don’t really feel like there is much of a point in trying to refute anything Gavin McInnes says, because he’s basically the best argument against himself. However, it is worth pointing out that this is the kind of person — whether he is faking it or not — that Fox News chooses to embrace. Not to mention Hannity, who clearly cannot be bothered to perform a basic Google search to confirm the “facts” he insists upon.


(Full Disclosure: Tamara Holder is a friend and former client from my shopgirl days. She is also way the hell smarter than Gavin McInnes.)