Dancer Books Taylor Swift’s Tour, Calls Mom, Feels Ensue

When LA dancer Robert Green got the news that he’d been hired as a backup dancer for Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, he couldn’t wait to tell his mom back home in North Carolina. Luckily for us, he filmed the phone call! He’d reportedly only intended to record it for a personal video diary, but ultimately decided to share the clip on YouTube. The video exploded on the internet, with Taylor herself sharing it on Twitter, and his mom’s ecstatic reaction stealing the show. Green’s dance career hadn’t been going as he’d hoped when he auditioned for the tour along over 400 other male dancers, so the good news couldn’t have come at a better time.

Green told Today:

“Two years ago, my mom and I packed up in my 1996 Honda and she drove me from east coast to west coast with just enough money to make it. Prior to this amazing moment…I wasn’t working as a dancer as much as I had hoped. (After a series of setbacks) I was in LA with no job, no money, no car – just the support of my mother and my faith…(I’ve received) inspiring messages about how the video gave people hope and had them in tears. I’ve been thanked for sharing that beautiful moment – some even said that they were ready to give up, but my video gave them the strength and optimism to keep going.”