California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Nearly All Children To Be Vaccinated

The California Senate has just passed SB277, a bill that will require all parents to immunize their children, except for those who can’t get them for medical reasons. It will eliminate any religious or philosophical objections to the vaccines, making the state a safer place for everyone.

This is, understandably, in response to the outbreak at Disneyland this past December that led to 160 people across the United States getting measles.

One of the most frustrating arguments I hear from anti-vaxxers is the whole “You are just trying to do what’s best for your children, and I’m just trying to do what’s best for mine! Why can’t we both just understand that we’re trying to be good parents here!” schtick. On some level it’s almost worse than the “Ugh, you expect me to vaccinate my kids just so yours don’t get the measles? I think not!” or “Measles are totally fine to have!” arguments. Particularly because it’s striving to seem rational when it is not. Not all beliefs and actions are equal.

If I go stand in a clocktower and let loose with a machine gun because I sincerely believe we’ve been taken over by pod people, I would certainly hope that no one would be saying “Oh, well, you are entitled to your belief and I guess it’s OK that you did that because you thought you were doing the right thing. Go on your way now!” I would certainly hope they would lock me up, noting that I am a danger to myself and to others.

I’m sorry, you’re free to believe all the stupid things you want, as long as they don’t harm other people. As soon as your stupid beliefs give a child the measles, you have to shut up.

If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids, you need to keep them the hell away from everyone else. They can’t go to school and they can’t leave the house, because they are dangerous. We’ve tried it your way, anti-vaxxers, and clearly, it results in people getting measles. You are a danger to yourself and others. So no, you’re just going to have to pick something else stupid to believe in that doesn’t make anyone sick. Maybe your kids can be Indigo Children now or something.

Hopefully, this bill will go through the California Assembly and be signed. I hope it happens in every state in this country. This is getting ridiculous, and no one needs to be getting sick because a bunch of idiots think they or their doula know more about science than scientists.