Anna Kendrick “Apologizes” To Parents, Me, Everyone For the Aural Scourge That Is “Cups”

If you have eyes, ears or an internet connection, you are surely aware of the fact that “Pitch Perfect 2″ opens in theaters today. In the first film, Anna Kendrick performs a cute-for-a-four-year-old bit of a cappella magic with a solo cup, her bare hands and a passable sense of rhythm. Why anyone would be impressed by this display is beyond me, since, from what I can tell, Anna Kendrick’s character in this film is a grown woman. But, I digress. The “Cups” phenomenon that this ditty spawned runs deep. There was a music video, turning the ditty into a full length song, with a convoluted plot about Anna Kendrick as a waitress. This insane American male did it with guns. Anyone with an internet connection could teach themselves this activity, and hoo, boy, did they ever. It became a full blown phenomenon. And it has haunted me ever since.

It’s so embarrassing! It’s so trite and earnest and just … no. It smacks of bible camp and home school. I don’t like it. That’s why I’m glad that Anna Kendrick has finally apologized. She took to “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and half-heartedly apologized to parents everywhere for the years of torture her talent at banging a table with a solo cup brought to their lives, and also the life of this blogger, who cringes in second-hand embarrassment every time she hears the soft tapping of a plastic cup on the edge of a table, coupled with the gentle clap of one hand against the other and a reedy voice warbling into the air.

I’ll take it, Kendrick.

[h/t THR]