Sally Beauty Has Its Second Data Breach In 2 Years


Oakland-based startup Imperfect is looking to make fresh produce cheaper and available to impoverished local neighborhoods. Imperfect wants to take vegetables that grocery chains would deem, basically, too ugly to go on the shelves and deliver them to your door. The net effect would be both a reduction of food waste, and a viable step toward solving the problem of food deserts. [Vox]


An inspection of a California prison in Norco showed insanely unsanitary conditions, including a lack of hot water, rat droppings, cockroaches, wastewater in the yards, and food handling that risked contamination. Legislators have been trying to close the prison, but it would be difficult, given that the prisoners would have to then be transferred to an already overcrowded nearby prison. The prison has issued a statement saying that they are trying to fix the building’s infrastructural problems. [RawStory]


I get it when it’s Target, because everyone shops at Target, but apparently Sally Beauty stores have been the target (ugh sorry) of two data breaches over the last two years. Don’t worry if that’s where you get your Manic Panic or stock up on latex gloves that you use to handle raw food in your kitchen because they’re cheaper at Sally than elsewhere (ahem, not that I do that) – no fraudulent charges will be the compromised customers’ responsibility to pay. [ABC]



For some fun browsin’: Chicago-based teacher and punk enthusiast Marc Fischer compiled a bunch of release addresses from the 80’s punk zine Maximum Rock’n’roll, many of which were the home addresses of the band members, and has created a Tumblr to showcase the homes where those bands were living and getting started 30 years ago. Fischer says: “It’s sometimes that you have the most exciting band and then you want the house to be some total revelation and it’s just mundane. And other times it’s this group you’ve never heard of before and there’s something remarkable about the home, either it’s extravagant or so unbelievably boring.” [Noisey]
[Image via Wikimedia Commons]