Rihanna’s Dior Campaign Is Here And It Is Stunning

We’ve known for a couple months now that Rihanna was going to be face of Dior, but now we have a look at the actual ads, and they do not disappoint.

First, watch this snippet of her video, the fourth in the House of Dior’s “Secret Garden” series, which drops on May 18th. Gaze upon the glamour of the print ads, too, because they are each beautiful works of art, and she looks incredible, and the clothes are gorgeous, and she’s still rocking that strong brow that I love so much.

Remember, she’s the first woman of color to be the the face of a major couture house, like, ever. I don’t care if you hate fashion and think that it’s materialistic bullshit catering towards unrealistic body standards and conspicuous consumption because this matters. Representation matters. Validation matters.

Feast your eyes on the splendor, below.