Martha Stewart Sees Your Lifestyle Brand, Gwyneth/Reese/Blake/Jessica, Thinks It’s “Interesting”

Martha Stewart is a cool lady. She likes things that you like, like chow-chows, Persian cats, and taking poorly-lit photos of the food she’s about to eat. She doesn’t give a fuck because she’s Martha Stewart. She’ll roll up to Justin Bieber’s Roast, tear the whole thing down, and then bake you a pie because that’s what she does. She’s great. Like, really, honestly great. Martha is the original lifestyle queen, so naturally Us Weekly felt it prudent to check in with Marth on the spate of young upstarts following in her footsteps. Martha took a break from pruning the hydrangeas in New Bedford to throw some intermediate shade at the copycats.

Blake and Gwyneth’s lifestyle babies, Preserve and GOOP, respectively, are “interesting”, while Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life and Reese Witherspoon’s Draper Jamesare both “good.” While I’m sure that Martha spends little to no time entertaining any thoughts of her contemporaries, the fact that she called both Blake AND Gwyneth “interesting” tickles me to no end. “Interesting” is what you say when your roommate in college dragged you to her performance art final, and you had to watch her stand naked while reciting Bible verses backwards and slowly tearing apart an American flag. “Interesting” is what your sister’s attempt at making a croquembouche tastes like. “Interesting” is the shadiest thing you can say about something that someone has done, is doing or is considering wearing, and Martha’s deployment is, according to this New York Times deep dive into the concept, 100 percent on point.

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