Hilary Duff’s “Sparks” Music Video Is About Tinder And Nothing Else

So, if we had any doubts before, it appears Hilary Duff’s foray into Tinder was definitely a big fat lie publicity stunt. Her new “Sparks” music video, which looked like a harmless peppy early-2000s throwback in its ultra-misleading preview, features Hilary explaining her new Tinder adventures in a radio interview, shows us the night she and her friends “organically” decided to sign her up for the app, and follows her on dates with Tinder suitors. It even includes the infamous bowling date she had filmed for what were previously unknown reasons. Could those Tinder reality show rumors still be true? Is the video not only a giant ad for Tinder, but also an ad for some yet-to-be announced E! series disaster?

I’m basically Hilary’s biggest fan over age 12 and will stay that way despite this minor disappointment, but I can’t help but feel a tad irritated that she lied to me/broke my heart by pretending that her Tinder adventures were just some totally chill part of her everyday life. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinder paid her to sell it this hard, and I respect that hustle, but not when you lie about it! Girl, we regular sheeple watch public figures bullshit us for our adoration and hard-earned money each and every day. We can sniff out a contrived persona when we see it. If you’re going to be fake, be stealthier about it!

The good news is that Hilz has at last shared the details of her long-awaited new album. Breathe In. Breathe Out. will release on June 16, and Ed Sheeran and Tove Lo will be featured. Despite my minor grudge, I will so be listening. [Us Weekly]