Anne Hathaway Is A Literal Boss In The Trailer For “The Intern”

Here is the trailer for Nancy Meyers’ latest, “The Intern,” starring Robert DeNiro as a kindly man your grandfather’s age who goes to work for Anne Hathaway, the CEO of some tech-y startup. Because this is a Nancy Meyers movie you can expect beautiful interiors, big kitchens, lovely linen clothing, and a heartwarming ending that will make some people cry.

You should already be crying at the premise, because if the thought of your kindly elderly family members going to work for a young upstart as an intern isn’t heartbreaking, then I’m pretty sure you don’t have a heart. Another important thing to note: Anne Hathaway seems less horrible here than she normally is! Trigger warning: Robert DeNiro gets an off-screen boner from the in-office masseuse. Other than that, I am very excited.